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Difficult Employees!

We’ve all come across employees who are just, well, difficult! They don’t do anything major, but there are multiple, small incidents where they break a rule or refuse to engage with a new policy – they seem to think they’re somehow ‘above the law’. But perhaps they’re not – a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) […]

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Sometimes, an employee does something so outrageous, you want to just kick them out of the practice… But, it’s worth taking a breath before you act! There are is a lot of confusion about disciplinary procedures in the workplace, and we are frequently told by people that an individual has ‘already had a first written […]

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Sick as a …. ?

Sickness absence has been estimated to cost the UK economy £18 billion a year, and causes major disruption to a busy vet practice. Much absence is genuine and unavoidable, but we’d like to share a few of the best excuses for veterinary practice employees being unable to come to work…

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Summary of Elite Meeting September 2017

Sandrine Yvenou, of Eurostar, Managing performance Sandrine’s presentation built on her last session, which had outlined how Eurostar sets out its expectations of the team, giving clear guidance of the behaviours which demonstrate different levels of performance. If employees know what is expected of them, this can form the basis of performance management, since both […]

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How to Avoid the Employment Tribunal

Deal with problem employees wherever possible within two years of employment starting. Although there are exceptions, most employees cannot bring a claim for unfair dismissal until they have two years of continuous employment. Remember that discrimination actions have no qualifying time period, and can be brought even before employment begins. Ensure all your staff who […]