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Managing absence

Key Points Monitor absence rates and patterns e.g. short-term intermittent, long-term Have a clear policy Consider setting a target for reduction in absence rates Use return to work interviews and certification Early intervention can be beneficial to both parties – review meeting +/- medical report Maintain regular contact during periods of absence Be flexible where […]

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Client Seminars Spring 2016

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with running our two Spring client seminars on top of all the usual business. They were both really well attended, we’re always impressed by how far some clients travel. We were extremely pleased that Gill Williams was able to join us in Swindon – her direct experience of […]

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We want you to succeed!

Very often practices join us after years of tolerating employees ranging from unenthusiastic to downright rude, obstructive and unpleasant! Many have been signed up with a large HR support provider and have received lukewarm advice that has allowed the problem to fester. Our approach is to identify what the practice wants and work to produce […]