Client Success Stories

We've seen first-hand the incredible – often directly quantifiable – effect that high-quality help from Eight Legal can have on a business.

Case Studies

Case study 1.
Creating elite teams to maximise profit

 The practice was very profitable but felt they could be much more so.

Eight legal worked with the practice on a consultancy basis to change employee attitudes and build resilience. A ‘can’t do’ attitude existed and many staff members would go off sick if challenged about their performance. Sadly this seems to be very common in the Veterinary profession. After in-depth interviews with key members of the team, we helped the practice to implement a tailored ‘Elite Teams Plan’. This included changing all contracts of employment, introducing performance planning and personal improvement targets and returning to work interviews. Sick pay was removed from the contracts and made discretionary.

Some staff decided to leave, as they did not appreciate the new business-like approach and the new high performance culture.However the practice increased its profit by 10% in twelve months.

Case study 2.
Overcoming unwillingness to change

A practice joined in 2015 following several years of unhelpful HR advice from an insurance backed, large HR generalist. The directors wished to move the business on and wished to implement new business ideas that had helped many practices become more profitable. The directors faced complete unwillingness to change from several employees, including a senior vet and reception and nursing staff. The senior vet was uninterested in doing anything to aid flexibility or alter terms and conditions of employment even slightly. A collision course was unfolding between the vet and the directors.

The senior vet had to be removed and fought a hard legal battle all the way becoming increasingly bitter and keen for compensation. It also became apparent that another staff member had stolen large amounts of cash from the practice. We assisted in the subsequent investigation and ensured that almost all of the money stolen was recovered. The employee concerned had to leave without a reference and with a significant hole in their CV to attempt to explain to their new employer.

The rest of the team rallied round, and is now optimistic, open to change and accepts the need to increase profitability by embracing new business ideas and working practices.

Case study 3.
Dealing with "very disappointing attitutes"