What Our Clients are Saying About Us

The best possible recommendations for us come from the people with first-hand experience of what we're like to work with – our clients.

They Give Real World Advice

I have used Eight Legal for several years and I am very happy to thoroughly recommend them. Eight Legal have delivered a very personal and personalised service for my business. This has included the delivery of contracts and employment handbooks, the education of key staff in employment law, same day telephone advice and great support when you really need it.

Much of what Eight Legal does, is to supply their clients with the knowledge and skills to anticipate and avoid problems with human resources and employment law. They also help to keep everyone compliant with the latest regulations and laws which change on an all too frequent basis. Much employment law is the same regardless where you work. However, Eight Legal have lots of experience with the veterinary business which really helps them to understand the unique positions we can find ourselves in. They know what is going on in a vet practice on a day to day level and can advise accordingly.

Despite the excellent advice and training, we have still found ourselves in unexpected and difficult situations. Specific issues have included advice surrounding pregnancy, mental health issues and staff members leaving before completing their notice period. We have found the support Eight Legal gives at these times to be really excellent and helped us to say the right things at the right time, to minimise problems and deal with things swiftly and efficiently. They give real world advice, which works well, helps to deliver the best possible outcome for all parties and allows me to get on with important things such as growing the business.

Pragmatic Common Sense Approach

We have been working with Eight Legal for 3 years now, having previously used the services of larger organisations who just didn’t seem to achieve anything.

James and his team have provided a formalised approach to our HR with regular updating as to contracts and the staff handbook throughout each year. We have in place suitable processes for every single new member of our team to be inducted into the business.

Further to the above James has been able to approach each of our problems/challenges with a uniquely calm and personalised approach. He has brought a level of perspective from outside the business that has helped to take personality and ego out of the equation and to replace that with a calculated estimate of what it will cost the business to manage a problem… and equally what it will cost if we DON’T manage the problem! He has removed the FEAR element so beloved by the bigger legal companies and replaced it with a pragmatic common-sense approach.

In our experience, even relatively small changes to staffing, when managed well, have had a hugely positive knock-on effect upon the morale and well-being of the remaining team and indeed the profitability of the business.

Eight Legal Are the Best in The Business

Eight Legal are the best in the business, streets ahead of the competition. Not only did they make our company much more harmonious they helped us to increase profits too. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

I Cannot Recommend Eight Legal Highly Enough

I was seeking to improve employee engagement in running the practice as a business. They helped me through the stressful and painful process. The result is that I have a more harmonious practice with improved engagement and profitability. I cannot recommend Eight Legal highly enough.

Eight Legal Will Put You First

We have had several businesses join Eight Legal whilst their current contracts with big providers are still live and Eight Legal have jumped in and saved them from intolerable situations with nightmare employees. The difference being, the advice you will get from a company who also provide insurance cover will always be in the interest of them not having to ever pay out. This is rarely the advice that’s in the best interest of the business. Eight Legal will put you first and give you good advice, and probably save you hours of admin time in dealing with these cases. As a new business owner (that wasn’t in our life plan!), I engaged Eight Legal early on to advise on contracts etc, and was pleased I did as we had a case of bullying which they dealt with. I absolutely know that if I’d been advised elsewhere, the most that would have happened would be she had a verbal warning and I’d still have a bad apple and a disunited team.

Eight Legal is The Sensible Choice if You Have Staff

James and Kay at Eight Legal have a different approach to employment and employment law compared to other law firms. They have the practice harmony at the centre of their philosophy. If a person is no longer part of the team then it is better for them to leave. James was at the end of the phone or email practically every day through the process. The process was still painful but we did not have to go through the endless cycle of warnings, disciplinary hearings and tribunal; instead we cut to the chase discussed best options and then were guided to achieve a resolution. Because we pay a monthly retainer there is no concern about costs snowballing out control. Kay has also helped us with doing appraisals and we are in the process of updating our contracts; all this is included in the retainer price. I would say Eight Legal is the sensible choice if you have staff!