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The best possible recommendations for us come from the people with first-hand experience of what we're like to work with – our clients.

Given Us Method and Perspective

Working with Eight Legal has formalised our approach to HR and employment issues, given us method and perspective and made possible managing people constructively and profitably. This has created mutual benefit, both for team members and business owners.

Made a Big Difference

We have been with Eight legal for some years now, it has made a big difference to us having proactive efficient advice available at the end of the phone. The advice is proactive rather than reactive and has enabled me to run the business the way I want, with greater harmony within the practice teams

It’s Like The Sun Came Out

I can’t thank you enough. The progress in the practice has been outstanding…. and the atmosphere in the office is superb. It’s like the sun came out.

Breath of Fresh Air

We were just sick of the advice we were getting, and your proactive approach was a breath of fresh air.

Professional Team

Since my introduction to Eight Legal, the workplace has been immeasurably less stressful and more productive. There has been less sickness days since and profits are up according to the accounts. I have no way of measuring where we would be had we not used their services but I do enjoy going to work, much more, again! They have continued to give good advice on numerous occasions and helped to avert problems in advance of an escalation. They are also easy to communicate with, practical and have a great sense of humour.

Outstanding Work

James came into our business and helped us make some employment decisions which we had been putting off and stumbling over for decades. Our previous advisors had never given us all the options and left us to believe that we had little or no options with difficult staff members. With James’ help we made swift and effective choices which had led to a completely different atmosphere in our clinic and we are now already seeing the financial reward of the decisions. More people should know this man!


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