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There remains a requirement for robust employment law practices and a framework for creating high quality team-work that has a positive impact on your business, despite the challenges the day to day role presents.

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Business Development for Vets

Your team are your most valuable asset, but one that it’s all too easy to neglect. People who were once enthusiastic, and your greatest advocates, can become disenchanted; petty niggles can fester; the need to make changes can lead to resentment.

We have extensive experience of helping practices develop their team, to create more profitable and harmonious workplaces. We find that having a vet at the heart of the process builds huge trust with the team – they immediately feel understood. James brings brilliant new insights from his experience as a speaker at University of Cambridge Judge Business school. Add to this our background in employment law and HR, and you’ll see that we bring a unique perspective to the process, setting us apart from other business consultants in the field.

Premier clients receive substantial discounts on consultancy services.

Well-Practice’ Package

Our most popular service. We gather background information from you, and identify your main areas of concern or interest. Next is a brief team survey, followed by a diagnostic visit, where we speak to your team (individually or in small groups). The opportunity to talk in confidence to an ‘outsider’ can be beneficial in itself – people feel truly listened to. All practice owners are aware of certain problems that exist, but most discover a few surprises too – not always bad! A follow-up report and meeting will identify key areas for development, with specific action plans and ongoing support with implementation.

Creating a Five Star Client Experience

There has never been a greater need to build brand loyalty and bond your clients. It’s impossible to compete on price while maintaining excellence and your clients assume clinical competence. Creating a differentiating client experience will put you ahead of the pack.

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge from organisations such as John Lewis and Eurostar, we can help you build a culture of excellence, to deliver the best to your clients, every time.

Managing Change, Getting Buy-in

It’s frequently reported that about 70% of change initiatives in business fail, yet we’re also told that the ‘only constant is change’. One of the commonest problems is resistance to change from employees – this can be frustrating, but fear of change is a very normal reaction for many people.

We can help you to plan your changes and the optimum approach to take. We’ll facilitate meaningful consultation to maximise buy-in from your team, and follow-up to keep you on track.

Motivating the Unenthusaistic

Fed up of too many people who just turn up and ‘put in the hours’? There’s a limit to how much you can actually motivate someone else, but you can certainly provide the best environment and conditions for them to self-motivate – it’s all too easy to demotivate great team members. Learn how to get the best from your team and encourage them to put in the extra, discretionary effort which can make your practice shine.

Performance Management & Appraisals

Many organisations are seeing the benefits of moving away from the dreaded annual appraisal to a more agile, ongoing culture of feedback and improvement. We can put in place a system to suit you, and help you to develop a coaching culture, with immediate feedback.

Better Team-working

We all know the problems caused by employees who just won’t get on – we’ve seen practices losing vast sums of money, and their best team members, because of a few difficult employees. Sometimes you need heavyweight legal advice to tackle this, but we can combine this with more positive strategies to keep the rest of your team working together.

We have considerable experience and expertise in-house, but can also call on our Associate Mentors for more specialist input if needed.



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