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Beware the Work Christmas Party!

The work Christmas party can be a great opportunity to celebrate what everyone’s achieved through the year and offer a little reward. You can anticipate the BUT, can’t you..? Bad Behaviour At a work event, even outside normal hours and away from the workplace, as an employer you may still find yourself liable for unacceptable […]

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Difficult Employees!

We’ve all come across employees who are just, well, difficult! They don’t do anything major, but there are multiple, small incidents where they break a rule or refuse to engage with a new policy – they seem to think they’re somehow ‘above the law’. But perhaps they’re not – a recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) […]

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How to Avoid the Employment Tribunal

Deal with problem employees wherever possible within two years of employment starting. Although there are exceptions, most employees cannot bring a claim for unfair dismissal until they have two years of continuous employment. Remember that discrimination actions have no qualifying time period, and can be brought even before employment begins. Ensure all your staff who […]

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Client Seminars Spring 2016

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, with running our two Spring client seminars on top of all the usual business. They were both really well attended, we’re always impressed by how far some clients travel. We were extremely pleased that Gill Williams was able to join us in Swindon – her direct experience of […]