We want you to succeed!

April 4, 2016

Very often practices join us after years of tolerating employees ranging from unenthusiastic to downright rude, obstructive and unpleasant! Many have been signed up with a large HR support provider and have received lukewarm advice that has allowed the problem to fester. Our approach is to identify what the practice wants and work to produce a solution. If this involves negotiating with ACAS or solicitors, we can take charge of this on behalf of the practice.

We have had many, many clients telling us how much happier their practices are, with staff being more positive and motivated – this has translated into increased profit too, as the practice isn’t being held back by negative people who are unwilling to help the practice grow. Several practices were in danger of losing two or three excellent employees, as they could no longer bear to work with a problem individual.

Other practices join us without any specific issues ongoing. We can review their existing paperwork e.g. contracts, handbook and advise on updating/replacement as needed. We support the practice through updating contracts or changing work patterns to meet the business’s needs, helping them negotiate the change with their staff. We can also assist with everything from performance reviews and absence management to helping calculate holiday entitlement. Handbooks are updated regularly as the law changes, and clients are invited to free seminars to talk through the changes or other legal and HR issues.

Practice managers and owners really appreciate getting practical advice about running their business. When they contact us they get continuity and very specific advice – not someone they’ve never spoken to before reading from a flowchart. We work with practices for many years, providing ongoing help and support.

We understand how vet practices work and understand the difficulties they face such as recruiting good staff, and the challenges they face from the ever-increasing corporate sector.